We have an extensive fleet of Profilers which allows us to use machines of different sizes on the one job site to increase efficiency. The large W200, W210 and/or W210XP Profilers remove the larger areas, while the smaller W35 Profilers take care of milling around services infrastructure, such as manhole covers, kerbing, service ducts, etc. 

The Wirtgen road profilers are the most proven and reliable machines in the road profiling industry. They are capable of profiling out road layers at various depths from scratching the surface down to 300mm. Asphalt, previously heavily cemented and granular base course materials can be removed in one pass at a rate of up to 700 tonnes per hour with exceptional accuracy. The high production rate of these machines also makes them ideally suited to full road reconstruction works.

Large Profilers

Our Wirtgen W200, W210 and W210XP profilers are high powered machines that can extract layers 2m wide up to depths of 300mm directly onto semi-trailer trucks to achieving the high production rates. Our clients can choose between standard, fine and ultra-fine milling drums depending on the application and/or finish required.

Compact Profilers

Our Wirtgen W120F and W100F are compact, high powered machines that can extract layers 1.0m and 1.2m wide up to depths of 330mm directly onto Semi-trailer trucks that enables profiling in challenging jobs quickly and effortlessly, such as when used in conjunction with shoulder widening works.

Our Wirtgen W1000 Profiler is capable of profiling a width of 1m to a depth of up to 250mm and is more suited for smaller jobs.

Small Profilers

Our fleet of Wirtgen W35 profilers are ideal for milling smaller areas that the larger machines can’t reach and for milling tie-ins in preparation for asphalt resurfacing works. This machine cuts 0.5m wide to a maximum depth of 100mm.

Side Paver

Our Side Paver is ideal for shoulder and road widening works and has the ability to reinstate shoulders from 300mm to 3m wide.