Kerb grinding is another application that WA Profiling offers to our customers. In the past, in order to replace old kerbing, the kerb had to be broken into manageable sections, dug up and loaded into trucks for removal from site.

Old kerbing is expensive to dispose of and may incur an additional crushing fee from the recycling company taking the material. This process also requires additional base material to be placed and compacted prior to the laying of new kerb.

As an alternative WA Profiling can mill the old kerbing using one of our skid-steer loaders with its profiling attachment. This has proven to be much more cost effective in that:

  • the new kerbing is laid on the firm base of the old kerbing and so no additional compacted base material is required;
  • the material removed from site is already milled and will require no further crushing;
  • the material can be used as fill material on other jobs or on site, thereby negating the cost of transport to a recycling company and the cost of disposal;
  • milling the kerb is a faster and more cost effective method.