WA Profiling has the resources and skills to perform a variety of services.

Road Profilers are the most suitable machines for milling out asphalt surfacing and/or asphalt basecourse as they produce an accurate cut without disturbing the sub-grade or base. The profiler combines several different processes into one, completing them twice as fast, as they are able to excavate the base, crush the material and fill the partnering truck at the same time. The excavated material is crushed to a re-useable size for disposal or recycling.

Predominantly this work is performed in conjunction with new asphalt works and consequently profiling operations are time critical. Profiling must be completed in a timely manner so that the application of new asphalt can be completed and the road re-opened to traffic before the end of shift. Break downs on this type of work are to be avoided at all costs. The WA Profiling fleet consists of new or near new machines that are at the forefront of technological advances in the road milling industry. Break downs are virtually unheard of on WA Profiling sites.

WA Profiling has established contracts with several Perth Metropolitan Local Governments and close relationships with several asphalt and civil contractors. With versatility and ability to provide the right machine for any task, the work can involve:

  • the removal of failing asphalt layers;
  • removal of entire road pavements for full road reconstruction and rehabilitation;
  • milling along kerb lines to retain the face of the kerb after asphalt overlays;
  • milling tie-ins for asphalt overlays;
  • maintaining the height of all current services (e.g., drainage and kerbs).