A Standard milling drum has a tool spacing of 15mm which allows for bulk removal of material up to the maximum cut depth of the machine.

A Fine milling drum has a tool spacing of 8mm which leaves a more uniform finish for the tight specifications in thin asphalt paving on urban state highways, arterials and distributor roads. The maximum recommended cutting depth of the 8mm drum is 60mm.

The Ultra-Fine drums have a 6mm tool spacing and are constructed so that each tool has a ‘twin’ that mills the same path to give as smooth a finish as possible to the point where the milled surface can be run under traffic without the need for any further asphalt to be applied. As they are normally only used to remove surface undulations and imperfections these drums should only remove up to 20mm of asphalt at a time.

WA Profiling has several 6mm spacing (Ultra-Fine) and 8mm spacing (Fine) milling drums for the 2m profilers in addition to a 6mm spacing (Ultra-Fine) milling drum for our 1.2m wide profiler.