In the majority of instances the Profiling machines have proven to be more efficient, and can create a neater cut, than conventional excavation machines such as excavators and loaders.

Profiling has the expertise to advise our clients on the best type of machinery to be used for their specific job.

Some examples where our Profilers can offer our clients a cost saving are:

  • Box out in old roads to enable further treatment of the subbase and/or subgrade
  • Box out on road widening projects;
  • Road Realignments;
  • Grass and/or topsoil removal;
  • Trenching, for Drainage.

Did you know?

  • Machine Widths vary from 350mm to 2 meters.
  • Depths vary from 1mm to 300mm.
  • We do all sizes of jobs, from large scale road projects to small road tie-ins.